1st Self sustainable Community • Drink your own water

• Grow your own food • Generate your own power!


Away from it all Ranch  In The Clouds is a self sustainable project on the edge of the cloud forests of Chiriqui. Fresh mountain water springs and an ongoing agricultural operation guarantee a secure source of food and water. In these troubled times a sound investment.
We still have some lots left but the project density has  been reduced greatly as a few investors purchased most of the lots.

We are located on the border of two national parks and Hacienda Las Nubes offers direct contact with the park’s fauna and flora in a natural environment unique to this altitude.  We also have the best view of the Cerro Punta Valley and the huge Baru Volcano because of our location. A boutique hotel “The Eagles Nest” sit at the edge of the forest allowing visitors to this amazing area of Panama that until recently was simply not accessible.

Invest today in this amazing natural environment. Forests like these have all but disappeared from most of the world. Traffic, noise and worries are all forgotten at Hacienda Las Nubes. Our sharp mountain homes designs and our unique location make The Ranch In The Clouds the ultimate retirement destination for those looking for  a secure source of food and water.  A modern day “bomb shelter”  in a unique natural setting that it’s simply breathtaking. Get away from it all and come and experience the Peace and Harmony of Hacienda Las Nubes. The Ranch In The Clouds.

Visit Las Nubes before you buy!

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