The Eagles Nest – Mountain Lodge

The Eagles Nest is a new mountain lodge  at Ranch In The Clouds (Hacienda Las Nubes) in Cerro Punta, Chiriqui. We are located inside the cloud forest at 2,200 meters of altitude. We invite our guests to experience a true commune with nature as the lodge is situated at the edge of the largest natural park in Panama. The Amistad International Park is a nature preserve shared between Costa Rica and Panama and its host to hundreds of species of fauna and flora.

Our project proudly sits in its southern border. Trails that lead deep into the cloud forests assures the visitor sighting’s of many species of birds and mammals that are unique to this altitude. The famous Quetzal is a regular visitor to the woods next to the lodge. The lodge was built right on the edge of the primal forest and next to a fresh water mountain spring. To the North we have the cloud forest and to the South the most amazing view of the Baru Volcano and the fertile valley of Cerro Punta. Very cool temperatures and the great alpine views of the mountains make for a peaceful and harmonious stay. Nowhere else in the highlands will you find such a view or the one on one commune with mother nature.

Super private and exclusive The Eagles Nest is a new destination for nature lovers and fans of the highlands. Our views of the mighty and magnificent Baru volcano and our proximity to the park makes us a world class destination. Like our sister hotel in Catalina is a world class destination for anglers, surfers and divers so is The Eagles Nest for nature lovers.

Forests like these have all but disappeared from most of the world and we offer our guest the luxury of a few peaceful nights in comfort and right next to these magnificent forests. Visit our Ranch while in the Cerro Punta area for the view alone is worth your trip. Our exclusive club house offers the highest elevation of any tourist destination in the entire nation.

The hotel has 2 luxurious suites decorated with volcanic rocks and precious woods from the mountains. Stone fireplaces, hardwood floors and large baths  make for a romantic and comfortable stay . It is a unique experience  as deer, monkeys, hummingbirds and the fabled Quetzal are common visitors to this alpine refuge. Don’t miss out on this latest addition to Panama’s tourist attractions.

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